Posted by: Silvana Wasitova | 2010/11/10

Scrum Tracking Tools

The best Scrum tracking tool is, hands down, the burndown chart manually drawn on a scrum task board. Why is this best? Because 1) it takes the least amount of overhead, and 2) it entices conversation that aids the team’s information sharing (see The Taskboard is the Heart of Scrum) and 3) acts as an “information radiator” visible to passers-by. (see Starting options for a Task Board)

However, when working with a distributed team, an online tool becomes a necessity, and this need outweighs the overhead cost (and distractions, limitations) of using an online tool.

Some of my favorite tools, categorized here as Free and Commercial, available at this time:

PivotalTracker – very light-weight
Target Process – free for up to 5 users
VersionOne – Team Edition – free for up to 10 users
Rally – Community Edition – free for up to 10 users
FireScrum – OpenSource
XPlanner – OpenSource, conceived in XP, can be adapted for Scrum; tips for getting started

VersionOne – Team Edition – extra features over the free edition
Rally – Enterprise Edition
ScrumWorks Pro
Basecamp + Burndown plugin for Basecamp: 

Yes, there are many more tools out there, also commented upon on another great list.



  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. A couple of other free online tools are here and here The Agilar one has beautiful presentation.

    • Thanks Tobias for the additional suggestions!

  2. Nice article , I like the emphasis of simple task boards and the necessity of online tools for distributed teams. Given a choice , I would still vote for co-located teams over having to use an online tool to keep distributed teams in synch.

    • Hi Bachan,
      I absolutely agree with you that co-location directly contributes to increased collaboration and productivity.
      The reality of my clients is that many have distributed teams already, hence the tool recommendations is targeted for that audience. 🙂

  3. great list, I was putting one together myself. I like the focus on keeping it simple!

    • Hi Carlos,
      Glad you like it…

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